About Us

Frisimos Technologies is a privately owned company active in the research, development, production, marketing, and sales of automatic and modular production lines for assembling cables for connectors, a $160 billion industry that still entirely relies on manual labor.

We are the first to introduce automatic assembly lines that are capable of assembling (that is, connecting the cable and the connector) many types of cables through a quick and easy setup, including industrial cables (M8/ M12), communication cables, and multimedia (Ethernet), USB-C cables and cables containing optical fibers.

Frisimos is supported by EU’s EIT Manufacturing, the Israeli Innovation Authority as well as prominent investors from the cable and industrial sectors and has been awarded a Seal of Excellence by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020.

Our Technology

Frisimos assembly lines are based on a combination of patented technologies in the miniature robotics, laser cutting, computer vision, ML, and AI domains.

Our automated robotic production line performs all the tasks required to assemble cables to connectors, continuously and without the involvement of human hands. The line cuts the cable to the required size, removes the foil wrappings by laser cutting, exposes the wires and arranges them using a robotic arm and peripheral cameras, connects the cable to the connector, casts a cover, and checks the integrity of the finished output.

The company’s management and control system provides customers with direct access to the production line, allowing them to manage, control, and manipulate the process from anywhere and at any time, identify and locate sources of failures in the production process, and provide a quick and adequate response, thus reducing the duration of unplanned production interruptions.


Tal Pechter


Tal Pechter, Frisimos co-founder and CEO has over 25 years of entrepreneurship and business leadership in international technology companies. Previous roles include President & Board member at ProEnergy Affiliates, system engineer at Israel Aerospace Industries, and Founder and CEO at AcousticEye Ltd. Tal has an MBA, MSc and BSc from Tel Aviv University.

Hanan Ben Ron


Hanan Ben Ron, Frisimos co-founder and CTO brings 35 years of experience as a technology leader in multiple domains such as hardware, robotics, and test equipment. Previous roles include VP HW Manager at Radcom, Hardware Leader at BrightSource Industries Israel (formerly Luz2), HW Manager at POD Division at Eastman Kodak, Founder and CEO at Unique Test Equipment Ltd., and R&D group leader at Astronautics Corporation of America. Hanan holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University.

Gabi Badusa


Gabi Badusa has over 25 years of experience as a chief finance officer (CFO) at public and private companies in diverse fields including industrial, trading, services, shipping, automobile, and real estate. Gabi led public and private offerings, including, IPO and M&A. Previous companies where he served as CFO positions include Unitronics – PLC & Automation products (TASE: UNIT), IMCO Industries (TASE: IMCO), Cham Foods (Israel), Kamor, and more. Gabi is a certified CPA (Israel) and has an MBA and BA in Economics from Bar-Ilan University.