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The Technology

Frisimos- The Technology: Meeting Today’s Challenges

The increase in demand for data speed is growing at geometrical scales, the human skills for assembling cables have long ago reached their limits – no longer can they meet today’s challenges. Frisimos has developed innovative solutions for the automatic assembly of electrical cables, enabling manufacturers to overcome the human eye-hand limitations. Frisimos eliminates the need to rely on super skilled workers.

  • The Frisimos automated solutions allows data cable connection with very high precision, accuracy, quality and speed.
  • The Frismos fully automated cable assembly line integrates with any line introducing scalability and flexibility to the assembly processes.
  • In conformance to the IPC620 standard.
  • The Frisimos easy to use planning software solutions enables efficient and flexible system management and production planning that is convenient and easy to use.
  • Frisimos is improving lead times and reducing manufacturing cost by an average of 80%.